Caprica: "False Labor" Review

I suspect this episode won't help with people who think Caprica is too slow and ponderous – with the exception of one "holy frak" Cylon-fueled scene I'll get to in a bit. On the other hand, I found plenty to chew on here...

This is a thoughtful show, and yes, perhaps it could use a little more forward momentum a times. But I continue to find it very skillfully made and quite enjoy the look we're getting into these characters' lives and what makes them tick, while the pieces of the future begin to take shape.

Take Daniel for instance. There's plenty that's creepy about the avatar of Amanda he's created. As his marriage has fallen apart, he has this smiling, supportive, nearly Stepford level type wife, who is more than happy to take him back. But Daniel knows she doesn't feel right, and I loved seeing how he kept pushing and prodding her, as he realized she was reciting things he'd programmed into her (from his and Zoe's journals), but wanted her to truly feel in a way she isn't ready to.

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