COUGAR TOWN “You Don’t Know How It Feels” Review

Cougar Town Season 2 Episode 6 -  You Don't Know How It Feels

It is Halloween on this week’s episode of Cougar Town and Jules’ father visits for his favorite holiday. Bobby pleads his case to remain baby Stan’s guardian should anything happen to Ellie and Andy while Laurie reminds Travis what the true spirit of Halloween is, scaring each other half to death.

This was a fun episode of Cougar Town and I loved all of the costumes. How great was it that Ellie went as Laurie and Laurie went as Ellie? It was even better when Travis showed up as Andy! Also, Grayson as Prince and not "a prince" was pretty amazing. Honestly, though, did anyone not pick up on the fact that Jules’ father was the bear?

Speaking of Jules’ father, I cannot believe it took her so long to realize that the distance between them was due to how much she reminded her father of her mother. It was clear that he really misses her mother. It was also clear that he saw so much of her in Jules. He would repeatedly say things like "that is what your mother would say" or "you look just like your mother." Lost without his wife, I am sure it was painful to be reminded of that no matter how much he loves Jules. It was good that they got to talk it all out even if it took a bear suit to get the conversation started.

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