THE MIDDLE “Halloween” Review

The Middle Season 2 Episode 6 - Halloween

Frankie and Mike have different ideas of fun, Brick has a very different idea for a costume, and Sue just plain feels too different in the "Halloween" episode of THE MIDDLE.

Sad Sue is back, but I think (hope?) this may be the last we see of her for a while. Nice to see Reverend Tim Tom again, spreading the word of God as only he can–"You know who else hit a rough patch? Jesus. He was dead." Heh. Love "rockin’ it resurrection-style," too, and Frankie`s description of the holy hayride: "whenever there’s an exciting event for kids, the church offers an alternative." Sue’s first (and at least second) kiss is sweet, and even though it won’t solve everything any more than cross country did or could have, it should give her enough confidence to bring back the bubbly Sue I love so much.

Leave it to Brick to pick a costume only one person can recognize. Sgt. Charles Stuart McKenzie–heh. He really did look like Groundskeeper Willie, and hee to the Gossip Girl reference–Brick is just that fashion-forward. The Sue-Brick parade of dog and fire hydrant, hockey player and puck, and chicken and egg costumes may be my favorite part of the episode. Oh, Sue. Also–the scariest part of the episode is Brick holding a knife.

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