NCIS: LOS ANGELES “Anonymous” Review

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 2 Episode 7 - Anonymous

Okay so I know that most people had the same reaction that Kensi and Deeks did when it came out in this episode that Sam has kids. Me on the other hand, I pretty much had Callen’s reaction as I heard that bit of info a while ago and have just been waiting for them to reveal it on the show. But now I’m wondering what happened to their mother. Sam told Callen that he had more in common with the doctor’s wife than anyone else, so was that just because of the fact that she was expecting her first child or because her husband had just died? Sam didn’t mention a wife so I’m wondering if maybe she passed away.

I like how they just dropped this on us after a full season, especially knowing that they’ve been planning on it for a while. I also like that there’s still a lot of mystery there since we don’t know the whole story and have yet to even find out how many kids he has. All we know for sure is that he has one girl. This is giving Sam a very nice backstory, which goes well with Callen’s mysterious backstory.

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