DETROIT 187 “Lost Child/Murder 101'' Review

Detroit 1-8-7 Season 1 Episode 6 - Lost Child; Murder 101

This week’s episode of Detroit 187 had Longford and Mahajan investigating a drug induced murder perpetrated by two brilliant college students while the rest of the squad focused on the murder of a woman who was funneling neglected children out of the foster system and into better homes.

This was definitely the most moving epsiode of Detroit 187 yet. In fact, for me it was one of the most moving episodes of TV I have seen in a while. The last two scenes were completely heartwrenching. First, Fitch declines Sanchez’s offer to go out for a drink when it is quite clear he is head over heels for her. I immediately knew that he must be doing something very important to ditch out like that. Still, my heart tugged a bit when I saw the pause and the conflict on his face when he had to say no. Then, when we follow Fitch to his destination, to deliver Finley, the little girl that was at the center of the ex social worker’s murder, to the couple that the woman intended to take her, my heart my have exploded. It was evident that Fitch was conflicted about what he was doing. Although his ways can be a bit rogue, he is still a detective and a cop so it must have taken a lot for him to arrange something that was clearly illegal. It also must have taken a lot for him to not to tell Sanchez about it as she was visibly upset about Finley’s future. Does anyone else think that there is a giant backstory in Fitch’s life and that children are involved? He seems very comfortable around them, more so than with adults.

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