RAISING HOPE “Happy Halloween” Review

Raising Hope Season 1 Episode 5 - Happy Halloween

There are tricks and treats galore in the "Happy Halloween" episode where Jimmy shows he’s a much better Batman for Sabrina’s adorable Robin than Wyatt is, Maw Maw regresses to childhood, and Burt wants a hug.

I love that even though I guessed right off that Burt was the scary man, the reason surprised me. "I did it for the hugs!" I knew Burt was behind Hope’s disappearance as soon as he said, "Daddy’s going to make it all better," and is it wrong that his torturing Jimmy like that totally warmed my heart even before Jimmy’s sweet voice-over? The Leverage-like reenactments of Burt’s cons are an excellent touch and the small Burt moments throughout, like his hunting and releasing a fly, maniacal giggle after he eggs Jimmy, and kissing the wolf puppet, make me laugh surprisingly hard.

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