MELISSA & JOEY “Joe Knows” Review

Melissa & Joey Season 1 Episode 13 - Joe Knows

On this week’s Melissa & Joey, Joe decides to write an ebook and start a website to market it with a little (or a lot) of help from Mel and Lennox develops feelings for a person whom she least expects.

Can you believe it is time for a season finale of Melissa & Joey already? Luckily, it is only a midseason finale and Melissa & Joey will be back after the new year with more episodes and more guest stars. For now we will just have to enjoy the latest episode to get us through. Unfortunately, I did not think this was the strongest episode although there were laughs to be had. I think part of the problem was believing that Joe would have such difficulty coming across as personable in his webcasts. Yes, he could have reverted to his old boardroom self, but he seems nothing like that in any other aspects of his life. I also had the same problem with his long and boring explanations/financial advice. Yes, finances are not a sexy topic and can get quite technical, but given the way Joey has approached every situation and the way he has explained various things to Mel and the kids, it seemed somewhat of a reach. What did you think? Did you buy the stuffy, boring and stiff version of Joe?

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