It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia 6.07 “Who Got Dee Pregnant?” Review

 Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia 6.07 Who Got Dee Pregnant? Review

Finally, a Halloween-themed episode of Sunny. I’m not sure why it’s taken the gang six years to show us what their take is on All Hallow’s Eve, but that’s not the point. The point is that there’s a Halloween episode of Sunny in existence.

As the men in the gang plan a Night at the Museum-esque sleepover, Dee reveals that she’s pregnant. She explains that one of them is the father and that the deed was done at a recent Paddy’s Halloween party. The men "mash" their hazy memories together to figure out the guilty party.

The bulk of the episode was flashbacks from not only the men of the gang, but Artemis and the McPoyle brothers. It was fantastic to see everyone’s opinion of themselves acted out. They are all even more extreme versions of the cartoon characters that inhabit the Sunny universe. The absolute best part of the flashbacks was Dee’s slow transition from a winged angel into an ostrich. It was the ultimate "Dee looks like a giant bird" joke. The problem, though, is that the joke will never be quite as funny after that home run.

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