The Office 7.06 “Costume Contest” Review

 The Office 7.06 Costume Contest ReviewAfter last week’s great episode, I was curious to see where The Office would take the arrival of former rival Danny Cordray. When I realized it was also going to be the Halloween episode, I said it would be pretty hilarious. On second viewing, I can admire how it advances (though doesn’t exactly conclude) the Danny plotline while also being an appropriately off-the-wall Halloween episode.

Let’s take things in that order. Danny (still perfectly played by Tim Olyphant) is trying to settle into his new job at Dunder Mifflin; he even invites the team to a Halloween party at his bar. However, he’s the only one willing to let the past stay in the past. Jim and Pam are determined to find out why Danny never called Pam back four years ago, even if it means following him everywhere. They finally find out (after cornering him outside the men’s room) that he thought Pam was "a little dorky." You’d think he’d really insulted her by how she walks off upset.

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