'Project Runway' Season 8 Finale: Catty Win Over Cool


Instead of offering up a final episode followed by a gossipy reunion show, Project Runway decided to load it all in to a slow moving two-hour finale that would have been better served with a tight edit. The highlight of the evening was the series of Fairy JobMother promos that featured Haley Taylor trying to teach the eliminated designers how to find work. Though written with tongue-firmly-in-cheek, there were enough grains of truth in these short skits to make them even more telling than the civil reunion that started the show. 

Back by Not So Popular Demand

Given all the drama we had this season, the reunion segment should have been a thrill a minute. It wasn't. We did get a little sniping when a few designers vaguely commented that they often get asked about. . . well. . you know. . is Gretchen really a bitch? Is Ivy really mean? (Insert Ivy eye roll.) Can Tim Gunn really make it work? (Okay, I added that last one myself, but I've always wondered.)

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