Community Episode Recap: "Epidemiology" Season 2, Episode 6

Community Season 2 Episode 6 - Epidemiology 206

Community has never been afraid to push the limits of reality and ridiculous. This week, the show has encountered a paintball battle that would give Rambo a run for its money, space (simulated) exploration, a Mafia-like battle over chicken fingers and a drowning at sea — or parking lot sea. As Halloween approaches, they've pushed the envelope even further with an actual pandemic that hits the school and turns every student into zombies!

The annual Halloween party comes to Greendale, forcing me to wonder if the school has more parties and dances or actual classes. Jeff comes dressed as David Beckham, another way for him to show up "accidentally handsome." He is fitted in a $6,000 suit and is holding a soccer ball. Britta dons a frog-looking T-Rex costume, so large and padded with arms so short that she needs Jeff to feed her drinks. Troy and Abed portray characters fromAlien (sort of). And Pierce is another heroic figure — Captain Kirk. Shirley has dressed herself as Glinda The Good Witch, though she's constantly mistaken for Miss Piggy. Finally, Annie shows up as Little Red Riding Hood. Cheng enters as Peggy Flemming (not to be confused with Kristi Yamaguchi or Michelle Kwan, because then you're racist). Not to be outdone, the dean is dressed to the nines in a perfect Lady Gaga outfit. Dean Gaga, as I'll describe him, is where the story begins. He cuts costs again by purchasing expired meat from an Army surplus store, which first sickens Pierce and is soon spread by vicious, zombie-esque biting. The first person Pierce gets to is Starburns, and it spreads rapidly from then on out, eventually hitting everyone.

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