Top Moments: Ellen and Becks Play Pranks and Modern Family's Gloria Tells It Like It Isn't

Our favorite moments of the TV week:

12. Hardest-to-Root-For Good Guy: On Boardwalk Empire, agent Van Alden's creepy crush on Margaret Schroeder takes on a quasi-religious bent this week. As the pious prohibitionist looks longingly at a file photo of Margaret, he flogs himself with a leather belt. A topography of scars on his back reveals that this isn't the first time he's had to punish himself for impure thoughts.

11. Most Recycled Storyline:  Kevin and Scotty, Brothers & Sisters' most beloved and functional couple, are dealt a blow when Scotty — almost out of nowhere — admits to his husband that he cheated on him a few months ago. This is, like, the 17th time infidelity has struck the Walker clan. Combined with Sarah's paranoia that Luc is cheating on her, it's time to come up with something new, writers.

10. Best Shout-Out: While discussing potential baby names with Marshall on How I Met Your Mother, Lily offers "Tara" as her first choice — a wink-wink to Alyson Hannigan's Buffy the Vampire Slayer lover/fellow witch Tara Maclay. Too bad Marshall rejects it.

9. Best Subject-Changer: Last week on The Big C, Paul learned that Cathy was cheating on him, which led him to ask for a divorce. This week, Paul cheats on Cathy with "the rugby slut" out of spite, but instead of making her angry, it makes her realize that it's finally time for her to tell him that she has terminal cancer — which she does, just before the episode fades to black.

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