THE OFFICE “Costume Contest” Review

The Office (NBC) Costume Contest

Once upon a time NBC brought us a little 30 minute comedy called THE OFFICE. And it was funny. Very funny, I daresay. And the episodes would stick with you as an audience member and you’d want to re-watch them again and again. Can someone PLEASE tell me where that show went?

"Costume Contest" was… okay. It was okay… and totally forgettable. I watched the episode as it aired, and about 2 hours later turned to my roommate and asked her if we’d watched The Office yet.

So… that should tell you something.

"Costume Contest" had potential. It was FUN to see everyone dressed up, and all gunning to win that coupon book; but it just seemed like EVERYTHING was taken just a half step too far.

The opening scene with the crew and Stanley was funny up until Dwight had the tiny horse. Now before everyone says "THAT WAS THE POINT!" I REALIZE that the point was to find out how oblivious Stanley really is to things around the office – but a tiny horse? Come on.

The costumes that everyone wore were hilarious: Stanley as the samurai, Creed as a mummy (after I figured out what the hell he was), Andy as … whatever vampire from True Blood, Michael as McGruber, but then there was Gabe as Lady GaGa. Again – too much!!

And if ANYONE can tell me why Gabe would EVER dress like Lady GaGa, that’d be AWESOME. I am open to all your thoughts/opinions, because I don’t see it.

Also, I’m getting REALLY old and am not up on pop culture references; because I had NO IDEA what Ryan and Kelly (in either of her costumes) were supposed to be. So… again, if anyone could help me out with that, that’d be great.

The Jim/Pam/Danny triangle scenes were… awkward at times. I understand Pam’s motives for wanting to know why Danny didn’t call her back, but the quasi investigation into their failed relationship was too much for me.

It does seem like the writers of The Office are attempting to test us as an audience to see how we’d like Daryl as manager once Michael leaves. What do you think about this possible replacement?

So, over all "Costume Contest" was forgettable for me, but a few highlights:

Stanley: "How many freakin’ vampires am I supposed to care about?"

Angela as the nurse (but HOW out of character??)

Michael: "Do you know what just happened? I just made Kevin cry, and Gabe looks like Lady GaGa. That is NOT Halloween."

What did you think? And can you PLEASE provide answers to my questions?

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