BLEEP MY DAD SAYS “Easy, Writer” Review

$#*! My Dad Says Season 1 Episode 6 - You Can't Handle the Truce

Clever title, "Easy Writer" for the most recent episode of BLEEP MY DAD SAYS. Too bad it wasn’t better. At the local coffee joint, Henry tells father Ed he’ll get a job that day from a local publication or respond to the "help wanted" sign in the window of the coffee place. He pitches the obnoxious editor all sorts of local area ideas. Then, Ed calls there to complain to Henry about wasting water washing one thing, Henry explains he lives with his father and ends up writing about that. Ed learns of the article and wants it killed – until he actually reads it and decides it doesn’t embarrass him and all is okay.

The big finish at the coffee place where Henry’s started working wasn’t funny as much as poignant as Henry goes on about the economy kicking everyone’s asses and asks people scattered around the place how many lost their jobs – most of them – and how many are writers – most of them, again. And how many are getting paid to write? Just Henry, who’s handed a $1K check delivered by Ed for his story (does the San Diego weekly pay that well? I’ve gotta pitch ‘em some ideas). In the usual Vince and Bonnie land of generally silly subplot, they get together with a high-powered real estate couple in a hotel bar and then end up out to dinner with them a couple of days later. They’re all sharing silly secrets and the couple reveals they may have killed a guy running over him in Cabo. Sorry, that’s just not funny, it ain’t "Weekend at Bernie’s," thank you.

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