Dancing with the Stars Season 10 Episode 6 "Week Four Performances" Review

Tonight on Dancing with the Stars the two dances that were showcased were the romantic Rumba and the sultry Tango. After saying goodbye last week to American Hero Buzz, the contestants are trying very hard not to be sent home. They all worked hard and vastly improved in general from last week.

The contestants were judged on three key elements of their dance; passion, drama and intensity. And I strongly believe that the judges were a tad harder on the contestants then they usually are. Regardless it was a great night of dancing by all the contestants.

The only surprise scoring tonight for me was of Soap Star Aiden and his partner Edyta. It was hard not to watch her the entire time, since she wore this provacative dress (but she could definately pull it off). Regardless I thought he did great for someone that isn't a professional, but his scores were very low.

Pamela Anderson rocked the Rumba and was told by the judges she did the best Rumba of the night. And we saw reality fein Kate get emotional talking about her issues with Jon and custody battles and having to bring that emotion there. More drama for the cameras. She is definatley one great celebrity for conversational arguements with your peers. Tomorrow night we say goodbye to another celeb! Will it be Kate?


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