American Idol Auditions - Season 8 Episode 3 "Chicago" - Shania Twain Guest Judge

I am liking these auditions this year! Bringing in a guest judge every week is a great idea, and think the producers of the show made a great move to do so. This week it was definately refreshing to see a great star like Shania Twain, also a Canadian I may add!! Not only is she well qualified to judge the singers, she is not annoying like I found Posh to be. She's didn't nick and pick, she gave constructive critism to those auditioning, and she just seems to be so nice.

However I'm still just dying to see Ellen judging the show. I think she will be great for ratings.

The auditions are I'm sure a lot of viewers favorite part of the season. Tonight was definately entertaing with "boob boxing" and a Tiny Tim "tip-toeing" rendition.

Can't wait for more auditions on the way!


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