Nikita: "The Recruit" Review

As we've come to learn over the course of the season, Nikita is full of surprises. I loved how twisted and dark that final scene was, even though by now I really should've guessed Percy and Amanda had one more trick up their sleeve. I'll admit, I was totally fooled (and very amused).

"The Recruit" proved yet again that Nikita has a wide range of stories it wants to tell, from many different points of view. The focus of this episode was not on Nikita or Alex - it was about Division and its collection of devoted pawns waiting to make their superiors happy. Even though it didn't really move the show's mythology along like we're used to, the episode did remind us that Nikita and Alex's goal is more than just taking down Division, it's about saving the brainwashed soldiers inside who are there against their will, whether they realize it or not.

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