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Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 7 - Masquerade

Tyler became a werewolf, two students died, Katherine got locked in a tomb and Elena chose to remain single.

Somehow, our critic deemed "Masquerade" to be a slow episode of The Vampire Diaries, despite its inclusion of all these developments.

What was your favorite quote/scene from the episode? Discuss below

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Nov 5, 2010 12:42AM EDT

I guess this was the last good episode, Call it a rush script?? In the next episode Rose, Bonnie performs a location spell to find Elena, needing the blood of a blood relative to make it work, she uses Jeremy's blood.... Elena is adopted...not a blood relative????? Yet somehow the spell worked??? And why was no one concerned when Damon staked Elija, and he did not turn to dust?? One more thing, someone needs to tell Coroline, that dogs bite.

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