Mandy Moore Accidentally Drugged Her Uncle With "Pot Cookies" (VIDEO)

Mandy Moore Accidentally Drugged Her Uncle With 'Pot Cookies'

Mandy Moore looks so innocent. The singer/actress grew up in a religious home, starred in the clean-cut teen drama 'A Walk to Remember,' and started out singing bubbly pop songs -- like her hit single 'Candy.'

Though Moore seems sweet, be advised: she could be "trouble" underneath it all. You know what they say about taking candy from strangers. Though in Mandy's case, it's the cookies that you need to watch out for.

On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' (weeknights, 12AM on ABC), Moore revealed that did get into trouble recently. She and her husband, Ryan Adams, hosted a potluck supper -- very wholesome and 1950s-ish. But one of Ryan's friends brought over a batch of cookies that contained "a particular herbal ingredient."

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