Will Ferrell Performs as "Celine Dion" on 'Late Show' (VIDEO)

Will Ferrell Performs as 'Celine Dion' on 'Late Show'

Will Ferrell is a man of many talents. But singing is not one of those talents. Still, on the 'Late Show' (11:35PM ET on CBS), Mr. Ferrell does his best. He belts out an incredible ballad -- and he does it all for a friend.

Who is Will doing his performance for? Why, singer Celine Dion, of course! As you may have heard, Celine recently gave birth to twins. Unfortunately, this meant she could no longer sing at her live Las Vegas show. Luckily, Ferrell is here to pick up the slack.

Will tells David Letterman that he and Celine have been best friends for years. They met in Quebec, while sitting on a bus, while Will was in Canada during his college semester abroad. ... It's a fascinating tale that never suffers from the fact that it's completely untrue.

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