Friday Night Lights 5.01 “Expectations” Review

 Friday Night Lights 5.01 Expectations Review

Pardon the pun, but coming into Friday Night Lights‘ fifth and final season, we as an audience have certain expectations. Because this is the final season, we expect some sense of closure for the characters we’ve loved for five seasons (and in some cases, less than that). Though we know many of the original Dillon Panther students won’t be around for much of the season, we want them to either have great send-offs (in the case of Julie, Landry and in sense, Tim) or small, but satisfying returns that still serve as additional layers of closure from their "original" send-offs (in the cases of Street, Smash, Saracen, Tyra and Lyla). And because this series has been so damn good with emotional pay-offs from the beginning, we expect that the whole story of Dillon, TX to be wrapped up in a way that’s both subtle and substantial.

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