Recap Days of Our Lives: Tuesday 08/17/2010

Hope's sentencing is moved up and she wants to plead guilty. Bo is against this and begs her to change her mind. Doug and Julie arrive and also try to talk her out of it, but to no avail. Bo takes matters into his own hands and later, after speaking with Hope's attorney, tells Hope there has been a change of plans...

Stephanie continues to push Ian to find Chloe's paternity results. He hacks into the system, but realizes they have not been posted yet. Ian tells Stephanie they will have to look again tomorrow. Meanwhile, Melanie has been attacked by a lunatic and Nathan comes to her rescue, but in the process, is knocked down, hurting his elbow. Nathan says he's fine, more concerned for Melanie's safety. After they finish up at the clinic, he walks her half-way home. Nathan goes home to find Stephanie and Ian together. She explains he's a friend helping her with a computer program. Nathan buys this and goes to take a shower. Ian leaves and Stephanie learns about Nathan saving Melanie. She plays it cool and asks about his elbow. Nathan thinks everything will be fine tomorrow, and Stephanie, with her own meaning, couldn't agree more. 

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