Recap Days of Our Lives: Friday 08/20/2010

EJ informs Kate and Stefano that he and Sami are to be married â€" today, while Sami prepares for the wedding, convincing herself it's the right thing to do. Will enters and overhears. He rushes to Sami and questions her. Sami opens up to Will and the two of them bond. Lexie suggests Sami wait, but she remains resolute, telling everyone that EJ is why she has Sydney back and the reasons she loves EJ. At the same time, EJ speaks with Stefano, who asks if EJ has everything under control. EJ believes there's only one person who could ruin his day. Meanwhile, Rafe confronts Nicole about the CD and her involvement. Rafe offers Nicole protection if she tells him what she knows and she hesitates. Suddenly, EJ calls. After Nicole speaks with EJ, she decides to place her bets with Rafe. As the wedding begins, Rafe finally hears the recording and EJ's admission to being behind Sydney's kidnapping.

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