Recap Days of Our Lives: Thursday 08/26/2010

Bo is shocked to see Hope at Dr. Baker's trial. She testifies against Baker, but Baker has a change of heart and pleads guilty. He tells the judge the woman on the stand is not the woman he worked with. She's a victim and if anyone is guilty - it's Bo Brady. Carly sees how emotional Bo is over Hope. Bo thanks her for her support. Bo has a moment with Hope and he tells her that Baker is right. He is the guilty one in all of this. Bo fears for Hope as she goes to prison, but Hope says she will be okay. Later, at home, Bo and Carly take a nap, and Bo hears Hope call out to him in a dream, saying, "Save me." 

Melanie is happy about Chloe's pregnancy, and informs Maggie. Maggie thinks Melanie has it all now: a husband, mom, dad and sibling on the way. Pretty soon she'll be moving out and won't need Maggie. Melanie assures Maggie she'll always need her. Maggie admits she's thinking about going on an extended trip and Melanie says she'll miss her. Later, she runs into Carly and both are pleased that Chloe and Daniel are having a baby. At the same time, Vivian is planning Maggie's downfall. She tells Gus of her sarcophagus plans and Gus warns Madame to be careful â€" do not upset Victor. Vivian says he'll never know. Later, Vivian drops by Maggie's house. When Maggie leaves the room, Vivian finds her travel brochure and realizes this couldn't be more perfect. She pockets some of Maggie's personal stationary. Melanie nearly catches her, but she leaves and later, the sarcophagus arrives! 

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