Desperate Housewives 7.06 “Excited and Scared” Review

 Desperate Housewives 7.06 Excited and Scared ReviewIn light of last night being Halloween, I will give Desperate Housewives a pass on not being able to draw me in this week. With horror movie marathons, Halloween parties, trick or treating duties and the premiere of The Walking Dead all in one night, it is kind of hard to outshine such stiff competition. Rest assured DH fans, if you are waiting for a DVR viewing, then you didn’t miss too much.

Fear of  Losing Yourself

Allison Scavo’s illness was finally realized by Tom, but come on, did we really think it would take a long time before this "secret" would come out? I personally thought Penny would be the one to unearth this onto her parents, but it was Lynette herself who found out that Allison needed to see a doctor and fast. I was kind of frustrated with Tom at first, and even suggesting that he knew about his mother’s condition and in turn, decided to ignore it. Then I realized the man didn’t have a clue in the world, which made his discovery of this tragedy so profound. Seeing Tom trying to deal with this life changing event put some fear into my heart, because even though I’m nowhere near his age, I dread the day he experienced last night. It’s a spirit killer and signifies an unwanted milestone in the lives of a mother and her children, which is that nothing will ever be the same again and the clock is ticking ever so quickly.

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