Smallville 10.06 “Harvest” Review

 Smallville 10.06 Harvest ReviewThis was not a good episode.

I’m not a fan of saying that, or typing it. Most times I can even find a way that an episode is actually good and underrated. This episode, however, doesn’t really have many redeeming features. It feels like the show took a wrong turn, and didn’t stop to think that maybe it just can’t do certain types of stories effectively.

It’s my belief that the ‘themed’ episode of Smallvilleare usually the ones that don’t translate as well as hoped. While this isn’t an episode set on Halloween, it’s clearly a horror episode of sorts designed to play on (or near) Halloween. And, for me, it falls into the same trap that "Thirst" (the Kitty-Cat Vampire Lana episode) and ‘Lexmas" did. While "Lexmas" is a better episode for the fact that it supplies a logical foundation for Lex’s character, it ultimately doesn’t feel complete. The Christmas aspects of that story feel shoehorned in and on the nose. Now in relation to "Thirst," this episode feels too much in the ‘we need a Halloween episode, let’s do that’ instead of a logical story progression.

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