Supernatural 6.06 “You Can’t Handle the Truth” Review

 Supernatural 6.06 You Cant Handle the Truth ReviewThe Comforting Nature of Lies

You know what the worst thing in the world would be? If every single person told the truth. I don’t know about you guys, but I lie on a daily basis. To everyone. Primarily to my mother, but it’s mostly to protect her from things she can’t handle. So it’s not surprising that Supernatural would consider the fact that people telling the truth would actually cause death and destruction. This week, the case takes place in Illinois, where a waitress is having a bizarre day at work, with people spilling secrets and otherwise hidden truths all over the place. So, naturally, she takes out a gun and kills herself after being told how worthless she is. Oh, and it takes place at a Biggersons. Nice continuity.

Dean’s filling Bobby in on the situation from the last episode, but Bobby is stumped as to what’s wrong with Sam. Dean reveals that he’s called Cas, but he’s not answering, so Bobby agrees to do some research and tells Dean to hold off on putting a bullet through Sam’s head until they can figure out what’s going on.

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