Dexter 5.06 “Everything is Illumenated” Review

 Dexter 5.06 Everything is Illumenated ReviewSix episodes into this season, it’s starting to feel a bit like Dexter is going through the motions.

It’s not that the Lumen (Julia Stiles) storyline isn’t interesting, it just feels…lacking somehow.  Perhaps it’s because we don’t have a clear villain yet, or perhaps it’s just that Trinity is too difficult an act to follow.  Something just seems a bit flat.

The most poignant scene came at episode’s end when Dexter (Michael C. Hall) discovers Lumen in the bath.  This may have served not only as a terrible reminder of Dexter’s past consequences, but a warning to the inevitable demise of any who carry the dark passenger.  It also taught us a bit more about the passenger’s true nature: it’s a search for inner peace that can never be fulfilled…at least not in this way.  The kind of peace one feels when floating in a bathtub…or through the finality of death.  And attempting to atone for Rita by assisting Lumen with her vengeance can only lead to the latter.

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