'Brothers and Sisters' recap: Cheat Drink Man Woman

Last night's episode, "An Ideal Husband," was all about 'the big C.' No, not cancer, silly! God, what planet/season are you coming from? No: commitment! Last week, viewers heard the bad news that Scotty had cheated on Kevin nearly a year ago. But Nora didn't know yet, and used Kevin and Scotty as an example of a great marriage on her "Dear Mom" radio show. The segment was such a hit that women from all over town hustled over to her charity function at Café 429 that night to meet them.

The day was a flurry of decorations and last-minute menu changes amidst an overwhelming sense of doom about Kevin and Scotty's future. My favorite line of the episode came from Sarah, who was taken aback by the lack of life's simple pleasures available to her as she entered the café's kitchen: "Why can't I have a latte?" Almost as good was Sarah's natural response after Kevin had delivered the blow about Scotty's cheating. She cracked open a bottle of wine and reasoned, "It's rosé; we'll call it brunch." I'm lucky I'm not a Walker -- with Sarah as an enabler, I'd be hammered or hopped-up constantly. Even more than I am already!!!!!!!!!!!!

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