'Saturday Night Live' - Jon Hamm and Rihanna Recap

Jon Hamm hosted 'SNL' on October 30 2010

Jon Hamm isn't a household name. Sure, he plays Don Draper on AMC's 'Mad Men,' but as popular as that show is, there are still a lot of people who probably think he's some 'Bachelorette' reject. But what about his comedic chops? Certainly, being funny isn't a host prerequisite, but it helps... a lot.

Nothing is funnier than when someone you think is going to bomb comes out and kills it. Jon Hamm is the new Alec Baldwin in this regard. Ruggedly handsome and an almost exclusively dramatic career, completely taking people off-guard by crushing the 'SNL' hosting gig, then starring on '30 Rock.' Not an easy task when everyone you come in contact with is imagining you with your shirt off.

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