'Sanctuary' Season 3, Episode 3 Recap

The first two episodes of season three were pretty heavy on the dramatics. 'Kali Part 3' and 'Firewall' dealt with the aftermath of the Big Bertha incident and the repercussions of Will's death and resurrection, so it's no surprise that 'Sanctuary' needed a bit of a breather and what better way to breathe after the apocalypse than a bank robbery?

The premise sounded heavy, but it was actually more fun than you'd expect -- a little Bonnie, Bonnie and Clyde action. The Sanctuary gang traveled to a small town bank to recover an abnormal that was locked up in a safety deposit box, but when Magnus discovered that the egg had hatched and took a host, it was up to Kate to improvise.

But, the episode didn't play out like your everyday run-of-the-mill bank robbery, because as it turned out the gang had a little competition. One of the hostages was also after the hatched egg to sell on the abnormal black market and once the hold up got out of control there was a reverse hostage situation.

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