Boardwalk Empire Season 1 Episode 7 - Home

Nucky Thompson revisits the horrors of his childhood as Margaret tries to get closer to him. Jimmy meets a new friend when his old war wounds start acting up. Van Alden gets closer to Jimmy and Al and Chalky proves his loyalty.

The direction-from cinematic scenes of Nucky standing in the doorway of his childhood home, striking a match to the intimate bedroom scenes between Jimmy’s common law wife Angela and her lover-not Mr Dittrich, but Mrs-were beautifully done, and the acting, storylines and dialogue were, once again, uniformly strong.

Chalky may have given Nucky up. When a man called Michael Lewis enters his place looking to cut out the middle man (who, in this case, is Nucky) Chalky bluntly tells him that he’ll need more than $10,000 to turn his coat. When Chalky interrupts Nucky with this information, Nucky is completely clueless. It turns out that this Lewis fellow is working for Lucky Luciano. In the end, Luciano, it seems, decides to opt for breaking into the casino than trying to bribe and buy Chalky. I’m still disappointed more has not been done with Michael K Williams’s Chalky, whose role is far more minor than the initial promos suggested.

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