THE X FACTOR “Live Show 4? Review

X Factor "Live Show 4"

Yes, it is that time of the week again. The fourth live show is a Halloween week, which seems like a cheat though I for one am delighted any week that isn’t ‘Diva Week’.

Mary is singing Could It Be Magic by Barry Manilow, to prove she’s modern and hip. Cheryl criticizes her, but Simon calls her a ‘horny little devil’. And yes, that was the sound of my eyeballs withering.

Aiden has decided to sing one of the few songs that can never be covered. Yes, Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Simon shows us how to smile, which will probably be the most terrifying moments of this Halloween weekend. Well, it’s pretty terrible, but what did you expect?

Belle Amie are singing Venus. Somehow they managed to get through last week. Look at them! They’re friends! Dammit voters! They like each other, so you must like them! They really cannot harmonize, can they? It’s like a drunken karaoke night. Well, they get better towards the end, don’t they? Sort of?

Rebecca is singing Wicken Game, and once again she looks and sounds stunning. I think she has the best voice in the competition, and even though this wasn’t my favorite performance of hers, it was still amazing. The judges think she is brilliant.

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