The Bachelorette Season 6 Episode 9 "Three Men Remain" Preview

Well I have some great preview points and spoilers for this upcoming episode of The Bachelorette in fact I suggest you click the following link and watch the long sneak peek video of Frank confronting his ex girlfriend to determine whether or not he is still in love with her? WOW is what I have to say and WOW is what I am sure you are saying right at this very moment. Here is the link: .

The three men and Ali fly to Tahiti for their overnight dates. And it looks like Frank didn't take the flight and stayed back in Chicago to meet up with Nicole. Does she still have feelings for Frank? She sure does and she wants him to come home! Will this break Ali's heart? Since I myself thought Frank would be the one in the end.

Well if Frank goes with Nicole she does still have two great pickings left with Chris and mmmhmmm Roberto! This is an important episode at the last one before the FINALE! Will Frank make the Finale? What do you think?


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