MERLIN “The Eye of the Phoenix” Review

Merlin Season 3 Episode 7 - The Castle of Fyrien

When Arthur leaves Camelot on a quest to snatch the Golden Trident from the Fisher King in the Perilous Lands in order to prove himself worthy as the future king, Morgana-with a nifty bracelet containing the enchanted Phoenix Eye from Morgause-plots to use the opportunity of Arthur’s solitary journey to use her dark magic and become Camelot’s ruler. Disallowed from joining Arthur on his quest, Merlin enlists the aid of Gwaine to secretly help Arthur.

There was much to going on in this episode of Merlin, not in the least of which is that Gwen found out that Morgana uses magic. Although I loved this development, I wish there had been a little more made out of it. A conversation with Gaius, which he does not even relay to Merlin, does not count.

But that is really my only critique of the entire episode. We got bandit fights and Gywverns battles but for me, the most thrilling parts of the episode were not so much the physical fighting, but the epic moments: the very beginning, as Arthur washes his face and Merlin drapes a white cloak around his shoulders was reminiscent of the knighting ceremony. At first I thought the episode was doing a sort of flash forward to the future the eve Arthur is to be anointed king.

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