BLUE BLOODS “Smack Attack” Review

Blue Bloods Season 1 Episode 6 - Smack Attack

The more I watch this series, the more I like it. One of things I like most is how it lets us see the job of being a New York City police officer from three different levels. First is Jamie who’s at the very bottom and doing mostly the grunt work – like in the case of last week’s episode where there was a terrorist threat and he and his partner didn’t even know for sure what was happening. Then there’s Danny who’s usually always in the thick of it, right on the front lines and getting into it all. Then finally there’s Frank who’s above it all and knows about everything, even if he can’t always do something about it.

I also like that they show how hard it is for an entire family to be on the force, especially when the cases they work can’t help but to follow them home. Like the discussion about legalizing drugs that happened at the dinner table. Talk about a loaded subject and not one I’d relish having with a bunch of my best of friends, let alone my family. Though I guess it’s something that has to be discussed, so why not do it with your family? The Reagans deal with some pretty tough issues and it seems to make them closer because of it. Maybe we should learn from their example.

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