CSI: NY “Do Not Pass Go” Review

CSI: NY Season 7 Episode 6 - Do Not Pass Go

A mother and father are led on a wild goose chase to find their son, who has been missing for days. An ominous set of voice mails leads them to the roof of a building where they find a severely decomposed corpse in a car. Thinking it is their son they are understandably devastated and the CSI team are called to investigate.

The body was just disgusting. And I say that with full admiration for the make-up and special effects team and, of course, the sound engineers for those icky bone-crunching fleshy noises. Unfortunately the writing team did not bring the same standard to the episode. The voice mail shtick, whilst admirably original, was quite lame. Also, in the post CSI-era, everyone knows that destroying evidence is just silly, so why would the son’s mother destroy evidence? Why would she listen to the voice mail without alerting the police?

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