THE GOOD GUYS “The Whistleblower” Review

The Good Guys (FOX) The Whistleblower

Jack and Dan are both too close to cases because of Liz and Ana in the "The Whistleblower" episode of THE GOOD GUYS when they investigate a peeping Tom and a murdering Jane

The cases tonight are a little weak, but they’re also not the point. I called yoga guy as the peeping Tom right off, but the payoff of Julius’ scream and Ana’s ass-kicking is more than worth any predictability. As far as the three wannabe whistleblower/profiteers are concerned, Theo with his "Whatever. I hate this job and I love money, so I’m in" is my favorite, but has there ever been a more inept cleaner? It’s always nice to see Jere Burns, and he’s very good as the slimy Patrick Drayton who has quite the anger management issue. I like how he and Dan play off each other. "May I have a word with you, your wealthiness?"

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