'Gossip Girl': 5 possible theories of WTH Katie Cassidy's Juliet is up to


Dear "Gossip Girl": You know we love you and your absurdly unrealistic, yet highly entertaining storylines. You are the guiltiest of our guiltiest pleasures and for that, we love you. That's why we have to tell you this, it's what a true friend would do: You are not "Lost." We need answers and we need them, like three episodes ago.

We totally get that Juliet (Katie Cassidy) is supposed to be this season's "big bad," but we're already six episodes into this season and we haven't gotten any answers as to why she is seemingly hell-bent on destroying the lives of our favorite Upper East Siders (and also why she is always wearing grey businesswear...on a college campus).

We've decided to get our Veronica Mars on and do a little investigating of our own to try and figure out what Manhattan's elite did to royally piss off Juliet, her locked-up brother Ben (We thought he was her boyfriend. So not shocking, but still ew!), and Serena's love interest turned professor turned accomplice Colin (Sam Page).

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