Hawaii Five-0 1.07 "Ho'apono" Review

 Hawaii Five 0 1.07 Hoapono Review

Well, this episode of Hawaii Five-O will certainly change the way I look at any future games of Battleship.

First off, it was great to see a tribute to James MacArthur at the top of the show. I was a great fan of his original Danny Williams and had been hoping he'd guest on this version to match wits with Scott Caan. I'm glad to see this series acknowledge his passing.

This week, McGarrett and Five-O are called in to handle a standoff with a Navy SEAL named Graham Wilson (Law & Order: SVU's Adam Beach). He's been accused of his wife's murder, who's taken hostages aboard a battleship and is now demanding someone finds the right killer in four hours. Since Steve is himself a former SEAL, it's no surprise that the Governor's new safety liaison Laura Hills (X2's Kelly Hu) wants them for the job. This also provides an excuse for Alex O'Loughlin to take his shirt off, and for Grace Park to take potshots at how female LEO's always end up dealing with the women and children involved. I can hear the fangirls giggling regarding the former, but the latter is a refreshing critique of a cliche.

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