'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' recap: Pour Some Sugar on Me

NeNe, I think you look great. (Except for the fact that all that plastic surgery, and perhaps the stress at home with Greg, has wreaked havoc on your skin.)

To be honest, I can't tell a big difference with NeNe's nose, but the less shocking the better when it comes to plastic surgery. To celebrate her newly tamed boobs, NeNe went bra shopping with Cynthia. This is not something I'd advise doing with a super model, but maybe that's just my hang-ups talking. NeNe strutted out of the dressing room, nipped and tucked, unconcerned with her remaining rolls, and did an inelegant bam-bam dance in front of the mirrors.

This was an episode of tears and sex talk. Some of the sex talk made me want to cry. Kandi doesn't seem the likeliest of the cast members to start a Dr. Ruth-style webcast, but apparently she figures if she's not going to have sex for a year she can at least talk about it. As in, "Kim, do you have beef curtains?" "Yeah," her sidekick echoed unnecessarily, "the question is do you have them?" Her poor mother Joyce is a regular guest and she's been promised a dildo for her gracious appearances.

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