'Two and a Half Men' Season 8, Episode 7 Recap


Ask and ye shall receive! Just last week, the prospect of Rose (Melanie Lynskey) returning seemed like the right direction for 'Two and a Half Men,' and tonight Rose was back and the show was terrific. Seriously, the idea that a happy, monogamous Charlie (Charlie Sheen) is the Charlie we want to watch just doesn't play. Miserable, screwed up Charlie does.

And when it comes to who pushes Charlie's buttons to the point of making him crazy, well, that's Rose. For more on Rose's return and Charlie's 'icky' baggage, read on.

Liz Vassey was also back as Michelle, the new lady in Charlie's life. After last week, you might have thought she was scared off. No, it took tonight's episode to push her over the edge. A lunch with Alan (Jon Cryer) and Evelyn (Holland Taylor) was like a scene out of 'Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?' The fact that she didn't run out of the restaurant was a miracle.

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