'Chuck' Season 4, Episode 7 Recap

In the film 'The Princess Bride,' there's a famous scene involving a battle of wits. In it, the rapscallion Vizinni tries to figure out which of two cups before him is poisoned. His reasoning becomes increasingly tortured, each iteration counteracting the one before it, but only ever reaching one of a few finite options. The true loyalty of Mary Bartowski on 'Chuck' had started to feel the same way, and for much of 'Chuck Versus the First Fight,' many fans of the show wondered how long this "is she good/is she evil" story line would stretch out this season.

The good news? No longer, as we finally have some pretty definitive proof that, ultimately, she's on Team Bartowski. That family may have a weird way of letting each other down on a pretty consistent basis, but they also have a soft spot for each other that decades of angst can't truly eradicate. The bad news? 'The First Fight' teased the audience for a full hour until revealing this information, all the while giving them a heaping helping of the show's worst quality: Chuck's inability to stop whining about the state of his relationship with Sarah mid-mission.

Last week's title was a fake-out: many could have rightly expected the titular 'Aisle of Terror' to reflect fears over the engagement ring that popped up earlier this season. Unfortunately, 'First Fight' was right on the nose, dealing with the fallout of Mary's capture at the end of last week. Not only did Chuck and Sarah ultimately talk about it while surrounded by Volkhoff's minions, but along the way to that inappropriately timed discussion he told Morgan, Mary and her "MI6 handler," "Gregory Tuttle."

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