PSYCH “Extradition II” Advance Review

PSYCH "Extradition II" Review

We all know where Psych left off at the end of the summer season but just in case some of you missed it (or your address at the time was somewhere under a rock) – Juliette and Shawn shared a kiss right before she got on a plane for a long vacation with Declan in Italy. That scene sent the entire fandom into gleeful hysterics.. okay so that might have just been me.

So the question everyone has been asking for the past couple months is – will Shawn and Juliette get together?

This is where doing an advance review sucks. I can’t tell you whether or not they get together because, of course, that would spoil it. Heck, I can’t even tell you if I’m happy or sad as I write this review. I mean if I came up here jumping up and down like a happy little squirrel (you know, kinda like I did in my review for the summer finale), I think y’all could pretty much guess what happened. Then again, if I said that I was sad about the episode, well everyone could pretty much guess what happened there too.

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