SPOOKS Season 9 Episode 7 Review

Spooks Season 9 Episode 7 - Episode 7

If this episode had a title it would have to be ‘Betrayal’. This week we finally get (most of) the story behind Lucas and Vaughn, enough that we at least understand what Lucas was trying to hide and just how desperate he really is.

Meanwhile, Ruth spends the episode following up on a possible lead from a grieving council worker, while dealing with a reminder of the man she loved and lost. This finally gave us some solid headway in her relationship with Harry, as she can now tell him that she’s okay. She doesn’t blame him for her past love dying and she’s no longer grieving. But while this seems positive, it also emphasizes just how the job has warped her – warped all of them – into being unable to grieve. It’s a pretty sad situation.

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