Mike & Molly “After the Lovin” Review

Mike & Molly Season 1 Episode 7 - After the Lovin'

On the heels of all the controversy surrounding MIKE & MOLLY and the anti-fat blogger from Marie Claire, it was nice to see that tonight’s episode dealt with the couple, and not their weight. As we saw from last week’s episode, the couple was ready and anxious to get down to the business of being intimate. And I would like to applaud the writers for not making this hokey or filled with cheap jokes, but an adorable look at a couple who genuinely likes each other.

"After the Lovin" is about what happens in Mike & Molly‘s relationship once they made that all important move. The couple spent two days together getting to know each other and when they have to return to the real world, which includes their jobs and unfortunately their families, they are confronted with the idea that their relationship is real. Molly’s mom and sister want to make sure that there was true intimacy between the couple, but that Molly wasn’t being to cold or serious and that she was having fun with it. Mike on the other hand is instructed by Carl’s mom, and his, that he can’t just take Molly for granted now and that he needs to make it known to her how special she is to him. Mike goes out and get cards and stuffed animals to show how much he likes her, but what it shows is how unaware he is to be really romantic. Luckily, Molly is impressed by the gesture, but is afraid her obsessive and overindulgent nature, much like her issues with food, will poke their way into her relationship with Mike and she will eventually scare him away like she has before. No worries as Mike seems like the kind of guy who would love to be appreciated, even if its too much.

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Nov 3, 2010 4:49AM EDT

It may be funny but I am sorely disappointed with the dive straight into blue humor. "After the Lovin" turned the corner into dark blue especially given its current time slot and if your affiliate station is transmitting from across an earlier time zone and you have impressionable children, you're in for a scramble for the remote and a barrage of uncomfortable questions. Too bad, I think they really might have been onto something.

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