CASTLE “Almost Famous” Review

Castle Season 3 Episode 7 - Almost Famous

One of the things I love about this show is that I can almost never figure out who the killer is. The story always starts out in one place and ends up someplace completely different by the end. For instance in this one they start out investigating strippers, which makes you think of scantily clad women dancing around, right? In this case though, the stripper was a man so we got some great stuff with Castle and Beckett visiting a male strip club, as well as Ryan and Esposito dealing with some jealousy issues after Ryan is offered a job stripping and Esposito is not.

What starts out as a likely crime of passion really ends up being just about money, and it was the lawyer of stripper’s ex girlfriend who did it. I honestly didn’t even consider that guy until about a minute before they announced it was him. Usually I’m suspicious of anyone and everyone but he wasn’t even on my radar.

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