'The Big C' recap: Know Thy Enema


So it takes Paul about six seconds to make his wife's terminal cancer all about him on "The Big C." He shaves his head in the middle of her classroom as some kind of idiot gesture, then gets tips on alternative therapies ("twenty apricots a day!") from his stylist, then chases this poor woman around at work for days until she finally tells him -- in graphic, sad detail -- what it was like to watch her own spouse die. Paul suddenly figures out why Cathy didn't tell him to begin with, and why she kicked him out. (He admits to being confused by the Lenny part, still, but then so is Cathy.) Then he moves back in.

Adam, left on his own for the afternoon while Paul process his emotional emotions and can barely keep from blabbing, meets a girl who nearly convinces him that parents don't get back together once they separate, and that they wouldn't notice if he got a tattoo. There's a neat moment at the end of the episode where you honestly think Cathy's not going to notice his marker tattoo... But then she does. Very suspenseful.

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