Recap The Glades: Episode 3, A Perfect Storm

Episode 3: A Perfect Storm

The scene is set for the storm of the century as Hurricane Iris, a particularly violent squall, threatens south Florida. Patrons at a local convenience store stock up on supplies, readying themselves for the storm, where a young boy is caught shoplifting by a cashier. Bolting from the store to avoid capture, he stumbles into a wooded area and discovers a woman lying dead in the bushes, a gunshot wound to her chest.

Outside the store, Longworth and Sanchez show up to canvass the crime scene, Longworth taking inventory of the woman's wallet and Sanchez inspecting the body. From the contents of the wallet (which is absent of cash), Longworth discovers the woman's name is Valerie Raines. Sanchez suggests that based on the scene, the motive of the murder was robbery, but Longworth disagrees, noting that the woman's driver's license and another card appear to be missing while all the credit cards have been left untouched.

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