Recap The Glades: Episode 6, Doppelganger

Episode 6: Doppelganger

A young lovestruck couple walk the beach, completely absorbed in one another, when a man with a serious head wound comes stumbling out of the brush, begging them to call police. The man, Dave Rollins, is taken to the hospital where Callie and two other orderlies move him towards the operating room as he struggles to remain conscious. In a moment of lucidity, Rollins whispers, "He shot her at The Back Stop - tell him, tell the cops if I die." He goes on to tell Callie that the killer looks identical to him before the surgical nurse intervenes, wheeling Rollins into the operating room.

Callie calls Longworth, who is already at The Back Stop bar examining another body (a young woman), to tell him about the injured Rollins and his message. Longworth immediately connects the dead woman he's examining and the bar to Rollins' message. He tells Callie he's sending an officer over to watch the man, who may be a violent offender. Callie objects, but Longworth agrees to send plainclothes officers and promises to join her soon.

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